Beginners Courses

Beginners courses will run on four consecutive Sundays from 10am until 1pm.
The sessions will cover the basic skills you need to become an archer which include:
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Shooting Etiquete
  • Identifying your dominant eye
  • Setting up a bow
  • Shooting safely and hopefully accurately
  • Scoring
  • The safe way to set up and take down a Boss (the targets archers shoot at)

Each session will include periods of both teaching and practicing and by the end of the four sessions you will be a confident and competent archer.

Beginners courses are £50 for the four weeks and include equipment rental whilst you are on the course.

Future Beginners Course

The next beginners course starts 10th of May please Email for more details.

Click here to download the application form for one of our beginners courses. Then just bring it along to the range on one of our regular shooting times.

Archery beginners course application.doc Archery beginners course application.doc
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